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I'm making this journal 'friends only' from now on.  I kind of forget just how many people are on the Internet and I think I should restrict my thoughts to just kindly folk.  I'm more than happy to add you if you think we'll get along.  I'm a trainee veterinary nurse and I talk about that a lot.  This means I've just gone back to school so I rant about that a fair bit too.  I like reading, writing, movies and I have recently discovered in the last few years that I like sci-fi.  There are more than a few public posts for you to read and see if you like my style.  I'm always looking for more friends and have never knocked anyone back so please comment to be added and we'll see how we go from there.

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New adventures in the blogging world

I've finally sucked it up and joined the big bad blogging world.  You can find me over here


I will still be here at lovely LJ and will most likely crosspost my entries.  I just felt like a wee change.


Words, words, words

I have so many of them swirling about it my head. I can't get them out on paper or onto the computer screen. So instead I offer you some lovely photos, courtesy of a beautiful blog which you must pop by and just look at the pretties and read the equally lovely words!

Um, so I didn't know other people felt that way too!  I feel validated, safety in numbers!!

And this picture below, I want it to be the front cover of the story of my life.  This picture is just everything!


Writer's Block: You're a shining star

If you could be a guest on any talk show, which would you choose and what would you talk about?

Hmm... I was originally going to say Craig Ferguson but now I'm torn between him and Ellen!

I love Craig because his show is so random. A friend and I went to see his show when we were in LA and it was my first experience of the American late night talk show format because I'm not from America, so my loyalty lies with him. I also love Scotland (and his accent). He is a Doctor Who fan so we could just gab about that and I could meet Chris Hardwicke whose often on the show too and we could all get together afterwards and be nerds. And I love how at the end of an interview, he's started playing out the harmonica with his guests which makes me laugh.

But I love Ellen because I could walk out to the stage with "Single Ladies" playing (yes, I've already picked my music to enter on!) and have a dance with Ellen. We would chit chat about animals and then play a silly game. Sounds like fun! And maybe she could hook me up with Tony.

I wouldn't go on Oprah because I'd end up crying. I love her and it could be the happiest of happy interviews but I just know I'd cry :)

Ahh! Just as I was about to post this I realised I'd forgotten about my crush on Jimmy Fallon. I love his sense of humour, he seems really sweet and he never asks the tough questions, so the interview would be a breeze!

... maybe I could just have something to promote and go on all three shows?

Going Offline

Well, I shall be moving to a place of 'No Internet' and I don't know when we will get Internet so this is a little goodbye for now.  Hopefully I can talk my new housemates into getting super cool and fast internet hooked up, like tomorrow.

I will miss you all and talk soon!!!!!!!



School days are a-coming

I have my Orientation Day on the 31st.  Which is four days away.  I’m looking forward to getting my timetable and signing up for stuff- even though I don’t start school until Feb 21st.  However, I’m starting to get really nervous about starting school.  I have some concerns.

Number 1

I will be horribly out of my depth in the science end of things.  I actually have no science skills whatsoever.  The requirement for this degree was a minimum of Yr 10 Science which I DO NOT HAVE.  I kinda slipped through the system there.  I moved from the UK to Australia and did the last semester of Yr 10 in Australia.  In England, I only did very basic science and over in Australia, I did one semester of science.  But because I hadn’t done any of the previous work, my new school in Australia was very lenient with me and I think they just passed me… even when they shouldn’t have.  All I remember from school is the sexual reproductive system of flowers.  And that some chemicals explode when they get in contact with air and/or water.  And that’s honestly it.  I have a very bad feeling I shall be exposed as a fraud.

Number 2

What if no one will be friends with me??  Like, how do you make friends?  I’m rusty in the social skills department.  Not only will I have no one to copy off when the homework is too hard because I don’t understand science, I also will have no one to sit with at lunch.  And what if we have to do group presentations??  I’ll have to pair up with the other losers who have no friends- and who wants to be friends with them, lol!

Number 3

I will be a mature aged student and they are automatically losers.  When I was fresh out of high school and starting uni for the first time, I used to make fun of those people.  And now I will be one.  And everyone else will be a teeny bopper 17/18 year old.  Luckily, I look like I’m 15 so maybe I’ll fit in?  Although the mature-aged students from my uni were always losers because they always did ALL the readings and handed in their essays like a week early.  Maybe now that I am one of them, I will suddenly be good at organising my time??  Haha, no such luck!

I have two secret weapons though.

My Doctor Who diary.  When I whip it out to write my assignment schedule on, my fellow Whovians will be drawn to it like a siren song.  And that is how I will make friends.  And also how I will single myself out as a nerd.  But us nerds are cool now, right?  You know what else is cool now? Stetsons.

My belt.  I intend to wear this to the Orientation Day because I have a fashion accessory that is a security blanket.  Yet again I will be letting you in on my nerdiness but we’re all friends here.  So I have this belt that I wear and it’s one of those belts that has no actual practical purpose, it just hangs loose around my waist.  However, when I wear it, I feel like I am wearing a gun holster slung low around my hips.  This in turn makes me feel as if I could be one of the crew on ‘Serenity’ under Captain Reynolds.  Hehe, there’s a dirty joke in that last sentence but I’ll leave it alone.  Also when I went to my first (and so far only) convention, the lovely Summer Glau (herself on ‘Serenity’) complimented me on my belt.  So it’s a belt that magically makes me feel good about myself and most importantly, it makes me feel cool.

Look, me and River!  And you can kind of see the belt peeking out from behind my bag.

Hopefully I have enough weapons (a Doctor Who diary and a belt) to get me through a single day at school.


Delays and Patience

My QTAC results were supposed to be out this morning.  Instead the servers are down due to flooding.  So now I have to wait.  I hate waiting!!  Although I have been waiting for four months already, what difference does another week add? BUT, but.... I wanted to hand in my notice today and quit my stupid job and now I have to wait which means I have to stay longer!!!!! 

But hey, at least I have a roof over my head and a dry house.  That's what is really important.  Just got to get that into my thick skull!

Bye bye my Little Boy

All good things must come to an end, and so I must say goodbye to Elbie.  About two weeks ago, I returned from a patrol (hehe, makes me sound like a cop!) to the news that someone had brought a kitten for me to hand in to the pound.  I inwardly groaned because these kittens, even though they’re only a few weeks old, they are already so scared of humans.  It makes them really hard to deal with and I wasn’t in the mood for it.  I peeped into the backroom and saw a little black and white kitten huddled at the back of the carry case.  I thought “Never mind, I’ll just have to drop him off in the morning”.  Then I noticed that there was a saucer of milk in there with him that I needed to remove before I could take him home.  Again, I was not looking forward to this, the kittens go crazy and I feel that I am scaring them so much by touching them.  So I had my towel ready to go in and grab him but I opened the door and as soon as I stuck my hand inside the carry case… he started purring.  I let go of the towel and picked him up by hand.  He lifted his chin so I could scratch under there and I was in love.


Cut for lengthy waffling!Collapse )

I have Happy Feet

I went to Sea World last Sunday to see the penguins.  There were a few girls from work who came along, otherwise it would have just been me and the bosses!!  We got let in to the park at 7.30am (normally that would be yuck but I randomly woke up at 5.30 this morning so it was ok) and got taken to the brand new Penguin Encounter area, which isn’t open to the rest of the public until Boxing Day. 

Before I really get into the story, this is one of the days where I just wish that I had brought my camera.  Even though my camera dies every five seconds, it would have been worth it, just to have it there and being able to take maybe one picture.  There were so many great photo ops, so instead I will just have to find random photos so you can get the experience that way.

There were two types of penguins, six King and six Gentoo.  King penguins are the second largest penguin after the famous Emperor penguin. The little ones were the friendliest.  More will be arriving when the enclosure opens.

How awesome is that photo of the King penguins??

There is an underwater viewing area which is great but my favourite thing was being up the top where you can see the penguins waddling around.  I swear, if I had a penguin, I would never be sad again- that waddle just melts my heart.  The keeper gave a talk for about five minutes and the whole time she was talking, the penguins kept nipping at her trousers because they wanted the food that they thought she had- she didn’t actually have any.  It was like kids tugging at their mum’s sleeve, going “Mum, mum, look at me”.

The best part was that the penguins were just as interested in us as we were in them.  Normally when you see animals in enclosures, they do their own thing or hide out the back.  However these little guys kept coming over to the glass and it was really amazing to get the chance to make eye contact and interact with them.  They’d look at you, waddle closer, get another look, waddle right up to the glass, have a little staring competition, waddle to the side and then waddle back to you.  Penguins are definitely my top three animal, for sure and probably climbed a little higher after today.

Then it was the free breakfast time, I told the girls that this was *my* staff Christmas party so they’d better enjoy it :)  We went into the Dolphin Cove area and at first I was annoyed because it meant we were sitting in uncomfortable stadium seating but then it became awesome because the dolphins were in the house!  It was amazing to get to eat while dolphins cruised past.  The food was really good, croissants and then a fresh fruit salad with actual nice fruit, very rare these days! 

These dolphins are smart cookies and know that when humans appear, food often appears too.  They would come right into the shallows and kind of lie there with their mouth open, waiting for some human to drop food into their mouth!  They cracked me up!! 

I loved getting so close to them and sort of going ‘behind the scenes’.  You could really see the intelligence and spark in their eyes.  I’ve never really been a girl that’s crazy for dolphins but I can definitely see why people love them so much.  As we were exiting the area, we had to walk down by the dolphins.  I was by myself and found that I had a little (ok, dolphins are actually HUGE) dolphin trailing me in the water.  I stopped and he stopped too and swam right up into the shallows.  I started talking to him (because I can’t help it, I talk aloud to animals even in public) and he opened his mouth to receive his treat for being a good boy and coming into the shallows.  It was SO hard not to just reach down and pet him, he was so close!  When I explained to him that I didn’t have any food, he thought I was just playing hard to get.  He raised his tail up, as if to say ‘How’s this for tricks?  Surely that deserves a little bit of fish??”.  It made me laugh. 

Those dolphins really are a cute and greedy bunch.  Animals after my own heart! 
I definitely enjoyed my animal extravaganza Christmas party!!